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raender FREE GUI is the new background render managing tool for Adobe After Effects projects.

raender Free GUI - After Effects Background Rendering - Screenshot
raender Free GUI - After Effects Background Rendering - Screenshot


You can create huge render lists and render all jobs in background.


But there is a lot more. raender Free GUI is the first tool that allows you to send your pre-defined render jobs to different AE versions. All you have to do is to select your “Standard Renderer Version” (Image above: CS5) before adding new items to the list.

To change the version for listed jobs, select them, click the "Edit" button and select another Renderer Version.


raender Free GUI let you independently change the After Effects App Language for every single installed AE version to one of the six most used languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese – Asian and Cyrillic App languages will not be supported!!). All you have to do is to select the Render Version (dropdown) first and set the language second by select an item in the language list (dropdown).


Furthermore the integrated AE Cache Cleaner helps you to free a lot of space by cleaning up your “After Effects Disc Cache” folder. This might be neccessary, if lots of effects are used in a comp. And: it will keep your computer clean :)


raender Free GUI - Installer (Win, 64-bit)
This is a new version from 10. Apr. 2017

raender Free Bug Fixed: raender doesn't write the auto-clear command before confirming that.

raender Free Bug Fixed: Tool does not copy AE/AEPX projects files to raender Free's "tmp folder" any longer, because this unfortunately changes all the preselected output path to tmp path.

raender Free Info: Please make sure, that the file path to your AE project file don't have too much space characters and dont have special characters like "!"§$%&/()=?`´*+~'#;:,." !! This is very important. Otherwhise some file can't be read by After Effects AErender.exe, whitch is used to finally read the commands and render your render jobs.
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