Some FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is raender Free GUI?
A: raender Free GUI is an smart and strong GUI for the command-line tool aerender.exe, which is already distributed with Adobe After Effects. You can add your project files to the job list and render them while you can work on other projects in After Effects at the same time.




Q: What makes raender Free GUI so special?
A: You can add both projects types AEP and AEPX files. You also can select a preferred AE Render Version for your jobs - and also change the app language of the selected After Effects version. It will be changed immediately. So if you now start this specific After Effects version, everything is now in your selected language. Futhermore there are two more options. On the one hand we have the "Cache Cleaner" (Broom icon; selected by default) which clear the After Effects "Disc Cache folder" of every installed After Effects version automatically before rendering your jobs. On the other hand there is a option to "Continue On Missing Footage" (Unknown file icon with and arrow above; selected by default). The best non-visible feature is the auto-function "Render Tester". It automatically detects, if a project file can't be rendered with the selected After Effects version. In this case, it will try all other, newer installed versions of After Effects to get the job finished. And of course: It's for free.




Q: Is a internet connection needed?


A: No, it's not. But if you are connected to the internet you will be asked for feedback before closing the application. In this case you will use the connection for transmission.




Q: I found a bug in your software! What's to do?


A: Please make a screenshot (by using the Snipping Tool inside of Windows) and describe the bug (is it reproducible; is it a little or huge one; et cetera). Please send your details to


For any other questions: Please write us an E-Mail